Contemporary media, Remix and Remediation

Remediation is the dynamic of recreating or remixing an audio or visual text. My understanding of the purpose of this so-called “remix” culture is to expand original ideas over different platforms, thus articulating a more accessible and wider audience. The convergence of media practice, due to evident forms of the old and new, allows a contrasting interpretation of audience.
“The culture of mashups which is examined by the contributions collected in this volume is a symptom of a wider paradigm shift in our engagement with information”, Axel Bruns.
Therefore, the message behind an original text becomes available to an extended congregation.
It is only to assume that over time, this new trend is to expand and broaden. “Such community efforts at collaborative content creation form part of the wider phenomenon of audiences becoming more visibly and more thoroughly active in creating and sharing their own content than ever before”, Axel Bruns.

Below is an example of the remediation of two well-known songs composed by Goyte and Rihanna.

The produsage concept is exemplified through this video. Goyte’s original content has been remediated to create a new form, with the collaboration of Rihanna’s work.

– P.A.F.F – GOTYE feat. KIMBRA vs. RIHANNA – We Found Somebody That I Used to Know (P.A.F.F. MASHUP) Feb 24, 2012.
Distributed Creativity: Filesharing and Produsage, Axel Bruns.

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