What’s the BEST consumer behaviour experience I have had? Great question!
From a consumers point of view I’d have to say the BEST experience when purchasing a product would have to have been with Apple. I was told by a close friend of mine that if my smashed up iPhone 5 matched a certain code online that I was able to receive in exchange, a freebie. Yep. A FREE iPhone 5. This was in regards to Apple’s battery dilemma back in 2013. 
In 2013, Apple had dispatched a number of iPhone’s with disfunctioning batteries… a fantastic way to really agitate consumers. However, Apple’s approach to this was particularly magnanimous. Apple were happily enough, giving away FREE iPhone’s in exchange for the consumers faulty ones.
Although my personal iPhone 5 was also smashed, my friend and I decided to test our luck!
In our surprise, we were both given a FREE iPhone 5, despite the smashed screen. They looked after us! Great customer service and positive brand image. I will continue to buy from Apple.

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