Time is Going By Way Too Fast..

This semester has flown by… It honestly feels like I have only just left Aus. The only thing different is that it’s bloody cold here now! Well cold- for California is still warmer than winter at home, oh and it never rains… But yeah, I didn’t bring many warm clothes so I’ve been freezing my little touché off.

The last time I wrote to you guys I’m pretty sure I was just settling into classes and sinking into the reeaal American lifestyle. Well it’s definitely home now! Counting the copious times my classmates and friends have made fun of me saying “heaps keen” or “bottle shop”. They legitimately think that sometimes I’m speaking another language.

Speaking of crazy country- Being here while the election was on was VERY intense. My roomies and I watched it online live in our lounge room (we still have no TV lol) and boy were we surprised!! Living in California, most people are Democrat, so I guess the spoked about ‘winner’ was assumed to be Hilary. When Trump got in it was a massive shock. School the next day was crazy. I had four classes the next day and ALL of my professors spoke about it. We had students and teachers crying, meetings mentioning that “There are school counsellors and suicide help services here available if anyone needs, after last nights result”. The whole vibe at school was super eery and it was the ONLY conversation talked about for pretty much the following two weeks. I guess now it’s kind of worn off… however it will be interesting to see what happens!

Anyway, moving on this country may be CRAZY but it does have it’s perks! I’ve been on a couple of trips, in between work and school, up to Yosemite national park and San Diego.
Here’s the low down:

Yosemite- was absolutely amazing! It’s one of those places that you expect it to be all talk and then you arrive and you’re like Holy S#%! this is actually really cool. You guys have probably seen a few photos on the gram or FB, but honestly the photos do not do it justice! It’s so big and you have literally explore for days there.

San Diego- Awesome place! Pretty similar to here being in SoCal (Southern California), but the beaches are a lot nicer and theres waaay less pollution which was really nice. I stayed with a family friend and got to go on a private tour into this national park. Oh and guys, I arrived just in time for a massive swell from a near by hurricane- waves were like 9-10ft!!! Was so gnarly haha. People were towing into waves at this national park where you’re not allowed to surf unless you arrive by boat (it’s like a $5k fine if not) and this was only because of the mad swell!!!


Talk to y’all soon!
Lots of Love,

Charlotte xx

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