Criticizing my Own Writing

Over the course of this semester my public writing skills have been challenged with theories that I was unaware even existed, including ethnography and extensive audience engagement. Throughout the weeks of studying BCM241, I have learnt new ways to criticise my writing, and to create a sense of engagement with my viewers like I’ve never […]

The Influence of Media Amongst Work VS Personal Life – Pitch Post

As we are starting to delve deeper into this semester, I’ve come more and more familiar with this concept of Media, Audience and Place. The idea of technologies developing and in fact, integrating into personal spaces has me thinking – How much control does media and space have in influencing the way we go about […]

A Little Television Narrative of My Mother and Aunty’s Childhood.

Any experience whether it old, new, exciting or scary, will always be different for each individual. The response that occurs whilst remembering each experience may reflect on your emotions and the way this experience has evolved. I decided to interview both my Aunty Jacqueline and mother Janine this week regarding the topic of interest – […]

Cyber Space Bringing an Engagement Like Never Before…

As technology has developed over time, the missing gaps between communication and distance that we may know a little too well, are starting to form together and grow to create this idea of media space. Whilst social media platforms like Facebook, Skype or Instagram are ‘taking over’ the online world, the concept of communication difficulty regarding […]