Where has the time gone?!!! Well let’s just say we’re LOVING it! Last weekend was Halloween… And American Holiday season starts now! Not only are there pumpkin’s on every street, but I’ve seen graveyards in front yards, human-sized spider webs, even workers at restaurants dressing up! For the night of Halloween we were lucky enough […]

Hey from the US

Chachi in ‘Merica, round one. Well- To get started, Collage is awesome! Yes- It is exactly like off the movies… However it is 2016, so tbh it’s not-actually that much different from home. CSULB Campus is extra big, and has every kind of athletic field you can think of (Athletics, baseball, basketball, softball, tennis courts, swimming pools etc). It even […]

Product Packaging and the Influence it Has Consumers

Product packaging can be considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to market their message visually, and position their product in a higher position than competitors. Marketers employ effective packaging to attract consumer attention and create an emotional relationship with the product and brand. I’m sure there’s been many times you have been craving chocolate […]

Case Study Focus: Facebook and its incredible influence on why we buy things

Image from Google Images If you think about how many times you’ve logged into Facebook in the past week, I’d say your answer would be at LEAST once a day. In our modernised society, this isn’t surprising. In fact, more than one billion people worldwide are using Facebook daily (FB Newsroom). There are currently over […]