Transnational Films – An Investigation of Cultural Appropriation

International film is greatly influenced by a number of different cultures and traditions. These influences collaborate together to form a blend of elements from many nations in which we call Transnational Film. Whether we like it or not, globalisation is incessant. The development of technology is yet to increase, influencing the way we interact and […]

Is Studying in Australia Really What it Seems?

Studying wherever you are can be a difficult journey of cultural, emotional and educational experience. Whether you are studying abroad, living as an international student or even looking at the books within a rational distance from your own home, new obstacles and barriers are faced along the way. For myself as an Australian, studying abroad […]

Technology- A Tool for Interconnectedness and Influence of Ideas around the Globe.

I’d like you to ask yourself, how often do you learn something online? Whether it be via an online news page, or via a social media platform… Has your new and improved technological device allowed you to do so?  Is this modern trend of being a “scroll head” actually informing you and your fellow peers? […]