Digital Artefact & Reflection – Charlotte Leghissa and Cassie Norris.

Prezi – Framing Success and Business through Instagram Cassie and I have conducted an investigation around the experience of small business through Instagram. Our ambition; To explore the idea of promoting and building an online persona of small business over the social media platform, Instagram. With the creation of two Instagram accounts, we have explored […]

Creating an Online Persona.

Creating an online persona can be for anyone, and these days, it is almost everyone! How many of your friends have Facebook? How many of your friends have Instagram? How many of your friends use Snapchat? How many of your friends have a public twitter account? I’m guessing your answer to these questions was most, if not […]

Why the Audience plays a role.

Learning about the huge trio of convergence and how technologies, industries and of course us making the cut. The following Prezi explores the role of an audience and user empowerment within social media platforms. References: I have used information discussed in my lecture and put together my own analysis. Thanks for reading!  

User Empowered.

I am an Apple person. Honestly, because it they look cool, and because no one has androids! This week we learnt about the different features of generative platforms and locked appliances and the convergence of the two. The main dynamic, being the control over the use of them. No I don’t know how to root a […]

What is ok? Copyright infringement and industry control.

I’m guessing sometime over the past eight years you have come across this advertisement? It’s definitely one to make you think. It’s effective. And it’s true. It makes you question yourself. “You wouldn’t steal a car…” Well no you wouldn’t. “You wouldn’t steal a handbag…” Probably not, unless it was Mum’s. But would you steal a movie? […]